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Personal Air Safety Reporter

Personal Air Safety Reporter


The Personal Air Safety Reporter protects people by warning when air is stale, stuffy, and contaminated. The Reporter displays the level of CO2 in the air and green / yellow / red lights warn of increasing danger from contamination. When indoor air is fresh and safe to breath, CO2 is low, because plenty of outside air is being delivered to wash away air that has been used and contaminated by particles, bacteria, and viruses. CO2 levels are therefore a proxy, or marker, for the presence in the air of dangerous agents.

Air Quality Indicators

400 - 1000 ppm

  • Adequate fresh air supplied

  • Stale air removed quickly

1000 - 2000 ppm

  • Stuff, musty, dusty

  • Contaminates building up

More Than 2000 ppm

  • Poor Air Quality

  • Inattention, Headaches

  • Germs Spreading

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